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A SWEET Plate !!!!

6 Mar

Being a Bengali it takes something not to have a liking to anything SWEET, here’s to a SWEET pictorial journey.




Every second shop selling food in the city makes Jalebis. The city is after all the land of milk and ghee and how better to confirm the same by beginning the day with a meal of crisp Jalebi’s along with Lassi. The crunch of freshly made Jalebi’s straight from the wok along with the thick creamy Lassi is something one should experience.






Rasgullas at the Bengali Association Durga Puja, these ones are from KC Das. We get around 4000 each day, needless to say quite a few lands up in my tummy









A Bangalore Favorite- Chocolate Cake, Ice Cream, Cream and Loads of Thick Chocolate Sauce its well named Death By Chocolate. Corner House always has a reserved small corner in a Foodies stomach





A welcome break from having stale ice creams and cakes as dessert which is generally the usual fare in most restaurants these days the Caramel Custard form Britannia revisits the charm of Old School Desserts. Rich, Creamy and served right out of the freezer this is must have if you are at Britannia



For a place know more for its meat Barbecue Nation serves a mean dessert platter.






Thick Rich and Creamy, this is from Bhopal. If the heat does you in then head for the numerous shops which dot the city.







Chocolate Mousse Cake from Sweet Chariot Bangalore


Highway to my PLATE !!!!

5 Mar

There is much more to “Indian Cuisine” than what we know about it. It’s enough to leave us confused but then that is the fun with India with each place offering a unique cuisine of its own due to the influence of the cultures present there in most cases foreign. As “Madhur Jaffrey” puts it “No foreign food was discarded. It was just made Indian”.This post is my own version of “Food on my PLATE” !!!

Chicken Breasts with Mashed Potatoes and Veggies at a shack in Gokarna, the place used to be deserted from my early visits during college. Inflow of foreigners as a cheaper substitute for GOA has certainly helped the Food Options available. I remember having just “Amlettes” the last time around.




Oh Calcutta – Bangalore / Pune
A must visit for all who wish to have a glimpse of what Bengali food is all about. And if anyone thought that Bengali Food cannot be experimented with try the Chingri Malai Curry with red wine or a Cheesy Daab Chingri.






The name comes from the city of the dishes origin ie Buffalo New York. The locals there refer it to as “Buffalo Wings” than call it “Chicken Wings”. Ideally the wings are deep-fried or grilled and then coated with “Cayenne Pepper Sauce”. Ambrosia serves it grilled along with a “Blue Cheese Dip”. The sweet peppery chicken along with a sour cheese sauce is a heavenly combination.




Tiramisu – Ambrosia







Haldirams Calcutta – Forget the Chalu Chinese and the European Con, and settle for Chatpata Chaat instead. Chaats, Batata Puri, Dahi Vada and Dahi Phuchka Haldirams scores HIGH in all !!!







Phucka – Served outside Presidency College Calcutta. If you do indulge ensure to have the MOUTH for it.








Roll Baadshah

A result of “Typical Quick Thinking” on a busy day when customers purchasing kebab and parathas outstripped the rate at which plates could be washed the so-called “Mama” behind the “Tawa” decided to roll the meat in the paratha and serve them as “Rolls”. The very “Calcuttan” way of having a cheap but filling street available fast food had arrived. Over the years the “Mama” realized that having “Lalu” roll the “Roll” in paper was also less time-consuming than washing the plates even if they were just “Rinsed” in water. Years of practice and “Mama” and “Lalu” were found to be in one of Calcutta’s famous restaurants, for a city noted for its Muglhai food “Nizams” was a Religion and the “Rolls” served its “Baptism”.



Cauliflower Samosas by Mom, going home does have its advantages.






Kaapi  OK, Starbucks Yaake, come to the Southern part of India and Coffee is not just a drink but Cultural Icon








If you consider Delhi to be the very holy grail of Mughlai cuisine then Karims a resolutely humble restaurant would serve to be its baptism. If you love your meat, head to the lanes around the Jama Masjid and be sure to drop the defences. You’re in the politer side of Delhi, where hospitality is extended on the flimsiest of connections.




Baked Prawns at Pondicherry






Kebabs in all shapes sizes and colours at Bombay. This ones at Mahim








Hard Rock Cafe Bangalore – Fish and Chips and Grilled Chicken









Finally a Old Malt with my Dad